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Empera Eanni ker Sorenis by nejna Empera Eanni ker Sorenis by nejna
Carinal used to read about her life in old shriveled chronicles like the one that was curently crumbling beeneth his fingers, Empera Eanni ker Sorenis, simple name, the only one adequate for her own manuscript.
During years he used to wonder how much of their legends was based on the facts and what was just a mith. There was no doubth that she was the first arayann empress and founder of House of Soreni. And she was a sister of empress Sorenis the Unfortunate, whose own brothers commited treason at the beginning of Quatredie war. But had she really sent the last phoenix from imperial city Rad'Ninnia to aid her sister on the Cradle? Was she really the real culprit for the imbalance on their world? Did that act of the last hope cost them stars?
Perhaps after he finally read the manuscript he will be able to understand the woman that had to undergo the change from silly little girl to the strong empress from their legends. Because once upon time she was the heiress to the vast empire, the adored younger daughter of the Belatri line, appointed guardian of the last phoenix on Aray and then after Quatredie War she was no better than castaway. How heavy her heart must have been on the moment she had to turn away from breathtaking sight on Rad'Ninnia. Still she had managed to conquer the wilderness of Aray, and built the new city as a reflection of RadíNinnia itself. In the end she even left them hope...

Exctract from the story I used to write long time ago...

Part of the painting I'm currently working on, loosely based on autoportrait.
1Rusty Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
I love the flowers in her hair.
also how she isn't incredibly beautiful, the face is very human and approachable. she looks like the kind of monarch that's kind to her people.
bananorama Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
Very impressive! The skin color is perfect, very realistic.
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March 17, 2008
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