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  • Mood: Triumph
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Yes, I'm alive if anyone wondered, barely but still kicking...

One very difficult and tiring part of my life is finally finished, hope to never touch another nonfictional book in my life.

I must apologize to everyone that commented to my works and put me to their watch in the last year and didn't get any recognition for that. I'm really sorry if you felt unattended. I promise I'll do better from now on.

Hopefully I'll have more time for painting now, my fingers are simply aching for a brush, or at least a tablet pen. I have so many ideas especially ones revolving about ASOIAF and HP. I'll try to fulfill at least few of them.

I was tagged the other day by :iconmarrek: so I'll comply with her wishes to know something more about me. I'm honoured my dear!

Well these are 16 random facts about me:   

1. I've always felt sorry I didn't persue my childhood dreams to become a professional painter. Unfortunately I felt I wouldn't be able to support myself if I continue with that course.

2. I find it very difficult to drive in sunset time, it's almoust like I suffer from some kind of temporary blindness.

3. Dark chocolate is my favourite forbidden pleasure.

4. Green aples are my favourite fruite all juicy and tart.

5. I too have problems with sleeping. Light don't bother me, but any kind of noise is fatal for my sleep. I've already crashed two clocks in my insomnia frenzy, the noise of their minute-hand simply drove me crazy.   

6. Today is my birthday, and the day before yesterdy I've finally defended my master thesis.

7. I beleive the greater use of nuclear energy is the best method to stop CO2 emmision.

8. I'm an electrical engineer but I must say I'm not a techno freak, I can live perfectly comfortable without cell phones, TV, DVD, bluetooths and blackberrys...

9. The most satisfying feeling in my life is just after the work or the project is done, and the tension simply vanishes from my mind  

10. I love sipping camomile tea with honey

11. If I ever won the lottery I would buy myself ticket to the Earth's orbit

12. I enjoy traveling, my longlasting wish is a trip to Japan, I promised myself I'll save enough money someday

13. Friday 13th was never unlucky day for me, we'll see how this one will go buy.

14. I love the smell of summer showers

15. Oh my I'm almoust there!

16. My secret dream is to illustrate a cover for some book, preferably for Croatian edition of future ASOIAF instalment, but the chances for that are equall to my chances to win a lottery, and I've never even bought a lottery ticket!

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Tannalein Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

1. I'm not so much sorry as am curious. But I guess it's good that I haven't, I know I had talent but it also calls for hard work and I'm pretty lazy :P But I like what I do now so I don't regret my decision.

3. Mine too :D

5. I don't have problem with sleeping EVER, but I do tend to switch night and day when I don't work or have other reason to get up at a normal hour (it's 6 AM and I'm still haven't gone to bed :) ). So I guess it does qualify as some sort of sleep disorder.

6. Happy birthday, and happy graduation! :party: :cake: :dance:

7. I believe we should concentrate more on solar panels and windmills, with nuclear we'll be covered in nuclear waste in no time. Besides, it's very risky.

9. I second that :D

11. I was just thinking about the same thing the other day :D

12. I'm not that crazy about it but it would be nice. But I'd like to stay a while and learn the language, since I already have a head start :)

16. Who wouldn't like that :XD: I just wish I had skill for it first ^^; Keeping my fingers crossed for you :D
bananorama Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
1 - That's partly me too, though I obviously haven't learned painting as well as you have in the meantime.

5 - That's funny, *marrek tagged me for this too and I too have problems sleeping, not with noise or light, just lately haven't been getting much of it.

7 - Definitely a very interesting field.

9 - Yes it's a fabulous feeling, and I haven't felt it in a loooong time.

11 - That's so cool!

12-14 - Ditto!

16 - Never say never :)

Also, congratulations on your thesis, very best birthday wishes to you, and it's great to hear we'll be seeing more from you :)
marrek Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009

6. H-bday, hon! Lots of love, luck and happieness!

12. I love travelling too! And also think about Asia, probably Indie would be the first destination but Japan sounds wonderful as well:)

15. Hehehe, I know that one ;p

16. You never know dear :)
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